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Encouraging sustainable growing

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Growing your own food is one of the most eco friendly things you can do. We are becoming more and more aware of the impact of our actions and the complex fragile eco systems that support life.

Understanding this helps to support local wildlife, preserve good soil, reduce food waste and make sure our growing spaces are thriving and abundant.

We have a number of resources from past online sessions which are attached to the links below. These are really useful for becoming a more eco concious grower


Grow Well: Get Involved
Grow Well: Programs
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Pictures by Elena Trivelli

Grow More

Find out how to maximise your yield, undertake succession planting and create good compost

No Need To Dig!

Learn about the importance of managing your soil health using No Dig _ feed the soil and not your plants

Know your Friends and Foes, find your Companions

Know your friends and foes, find your companions. Learn how to create a great eco system in your growing patch.

How to compost

To be added shortly

We've simplified all the key composting detail down into one booklet to help you get started in recyling your food waste and creating your own amazing compost

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