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A Growing Need

Grow to Give is a community food initiative providing fresh, locally grown food to food banks and community fridges across Buckinghamshire. Food charities have faced a significant increase in demand for food since the Pandemic started, and this has continued withthe Cost of Living crisis.


We believe that everyone should have access to fresh food.

Local allotment and home growers sometimes end up with too much of a particular fruit or vegetable. By donating their surplus they can support local people at a very difficult time, reducing any food waste and volunteering in a healthy way to have a meaningful impact to their community.

Since we started in 2020, as a response to Covid-19, we have donated over 8 tonnes of fresh food. Our key highlights for 2022 were:

  • Donating over 3,200kgs of fresh food collected – the equivalent of 2 giraffes in weight!

  • 20 allotments involved, up 50% from last year

  • Over 250 growers and 40 Allotment Champions

  • Working with 5 food charities across Buckinghamshire

  • Supporting over 1000 local people and families with fresh food

Our local food charities also asked if we could give more ideas on how to use the fresh food. Encouraging sustainable growing and delicious but simple ways to cook with the fruit and veg continue to be our key focus in 2022.

We'd like to give special recognition and thanks to Buckinghamshire Council for funding us again this year.

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Susanna Geoghegan, Allotment Champion, Hogtrough Road

"It really doesn’t take much time or effort being a Champion and, with even modest donations from allotmenteers, its astonishing how much fresh produce we can collectively give"

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Photos by Elena Trivelli

Grow More

Session recording and
handouts below

Find out how to maximise your yield

No Need To Dig!

Session recording and

handouts below

Learn about the importance of managing your soil health using No Dig _ feed the soil and not your plants

Know your Friends and Foes, find your Companions

Wednesday 15th June

6.30-8.30pm online

Know your friends and foes, find your companions. Learn how to create a great eco system in your growing patch.

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If you would like further information or would like to speak with us please contact us with your enquiry we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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